EMS Facial Skin Care Massager Beauty Device Pulse IPL Skin Lifting Tightening Anti Wrinkle Heating Cooling Compress Massager


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Origin: Mainland China

Power Source: USB Cable

Power Source: Dry & Rechargeable

Material: Acrylic

Size: 17.5*6*5.5CM

Working Principle: LED

Working Principle: EMS

Working Principle: Warm

Working Principle: Cold

Working Principle: Vibration Massage

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

Standard Voltage: 110V

Standard Voltage: 220V

Standard Voltage: 240V

Standard Voltage: 100V

Standard Voltage: 110V(不含)-220V(不含)

Certification: RoHS

Certification: CE

Power Source: us

Power Source: EU

Power Source: UK

Power Source: AU

Power Source: Japanese

Power Source: Korean

Place of Origin: CHINA

Manufacturing Process: Machine Made

Function: Skin Rejuvenation

Function: Skin Mouisture

Function: Skin Tightening

Function: Facial Clean

Function: Dead Skin Removal

Function: Anti-acne

Function: Blemish Removal

Function: Anti Wrinkle

Function: Whitening

Function: Lifting

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Type: Facial Care tools

Feature: Hot and cold Compress

From: 6 ° C — 42 ° C


1. Multifunctional skin rejuvenation beauty instrument, cold compress + hot compress + EMS microcurrent + color light + vibration massage, so that you can have beauty salon-level skin care at home.

A) Cold and hot pulse beauty instrument, cold compress lock water, hot compress export, lifting and tightening, color light care, vibration massage, pulse light lines;

B) High frequency vibration, deep cleaning, ice compress, shrink pores, EMS micro current lifting and tightening, medium frequency intermittent pulse, analog finger massage, ion introduction, essence penetration, LED three kinds of color light to repair skin

C) Dual use cold and hot, quick switching, with the coldest temperature up to 6 ° C, quickly shrinking pores and locking in skin moisture. The hot temperature can reach 42 ° C, opening pores and quickly expelling residual cosmetics from them

D) Fade fine lines, lift and tighten, activate collagen, clean pores, moisturize and shine, and make the skin delicate;

E) Cleaning mode: Ion export dirt, deep cleaning of the stratum corneum; EMS pull mode: Micro current promotes muscle movement and creates facial curves; Intermittent pulse mode with medium frequency: Simulate efficient introduction of finger pressure massage layer by layer; Ice compress mode: Ice compress massage contracts pores and tightens the skin; LED color light mode: Three types of color light repair various skin problems

2. Cold compresses quickly shrink pores and lock in skin moisture; hot compresses can open pores and expel dirt and cosmetic residue in pores.

3. LED color light: Red, blue and green three-color light cares for the skin, effectively lifts and tightens the facial skin, fades fine lines, promotes collagen regeneration, and repairs various skin problems.

4. You can choose from four skin care modes to help you deeply clean pores, promote skin absorption of nutrients, eliminate skin fatigue, restore skin elasticity, and make skin more delicate and smooth.

5. Intelligent timing function: each mode has a set usage time, and the machine will automatically shut down when the time is up, so you don't need to time it yourself.

Good advantages:

1. Food grade massage head, enlarged and widened skincare, suitable for facial curves. The circular conduction piece on the head is made of 304 stainless steel material, which can suck out heavy metals on the face and be safe for skin contact;

2. Intelligent timing, each mode, 5-minute intelligent timing/Cool ice application mode, 2-minute automatic shutdown with a "drop" sound, portable Type-C power supply, base design, easy to place at home, exquisite appearance, easy to place, makeup cotton fixing ring, firm and not easy to fall off, and inductive vibration of the tail handle;


color: White

Material: ABS

Use power: 6W

Battery capacity: 1000mAh

Input voltage: DC5V

Temperature range: 6-42°C (±5°)

Working time: 5 minutes/time or 2 minutes/time

Charging time: about 3H

Net weight: 0.16KG

Product size: 17.5*6*5.5CM

Packing size: 21*10.5*7CM

Packing List:

1* Beauty Instrument

1* Base

1* USB Charging Cable

1* English User Manual

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White Set

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Australia, CZECH REPUBLIC, CHINA, GERMANY, Russian Federation, spain, UNITED KINGDOM, United States, france


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